Ignite Your Inner Olympian Challenge

Stay in confidence with mindset mastery, goal setting and routines to pursue your dreams today!

December 14-19 4pm PST/6pm CST/7pm EST

This challenge is for those who want clear mental roadblocks in order to step into their next; Give yourself permission. Or maybe you are someone who wants to level-up your current endeavors but needs support and a challenge to inspire and motivate you to get in action. You are in the right place to grow and soar to new heights while being fearless. You are enough! Join me to IGNITE YOUR INNER OLYMPIAN

To be successful in this challenge you will have to show up each day for you, have fun and engage in the activities even when you are challenged to do something that may be out of your comfort zone.

Igniting Your Inner Olympian begins with one word: Belief

The believer within you is powerful. I invite you to have faith and be empowered knowing that all things are possible when you believe, take action and be persistent.

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    What This Challenge Will Do For You!

    Take the Challenge and get

    • Powerful mindset tips to overcome limiting beliefs

    • Winning goal setting strategies

    • Daily routine with time management blueprint to take action on your goals

    • A formula to help you take control of your response to get the outcome you desire

    • Community and accountability


    We've got you prizes….

    Attend the Challenge live, invite friends, post on your social media and within the Ignite Your Inner Olympian movement community to be entered to win a prize!


    Amazon gift card

    1-1 private call with me

    Much MOre

    Know About Me!


    When people think of Olympian they think of resilience , courage, perfection and invincibility. To some regard we feel that way too. But, I wasn't born an Olympian. I know what it feels like to know that you were created for something special but maybe not feel good enough. Sometimes inner doubts or outside factors make you feel insufficient. You see I am an introvert at heart. Believe it or not I was a shy and quiet child growing up. I believed the untruths of others when I was name called. While I am now a five-time Indoor Volleyball Olympian, I was faced with many challenges throughout my youth and career that required me to pursue mindset mastery that stems from faith and belief coming from within. Now I have a special formula and a program that I have developed over the last several years with the influence of coaches like International speaker, coach and author Lisa Nichols and her team, including Susie Carder (Profits Coach). As well as Jack Canfield, and Nick and Megan Unsworth to name a few. My inner Olympian is never former, never past and goes beyond any court, field or podium and I am here to help you ignite your inner Olympian to pursue your best in life, mind, body and spirit.

    Danielle Scott

    5x Olympian, International Speaker,Coach, Author

    Frequently asked questions

    This challenge requires a minimum of 30 minutes but no more than an hour a day. This will be hosted using the ZOOM platform. You will need a device, the link in your registration email and headphones (optional).
    It’s all online! You will receive a ZOOM link via email.
    December 14-17, 2020 starting at 4pm PST/6pm CST/7pm EST. Join with the zoom link provided via email once registration is complete. Use December 18 to complete challenge activities. Then join again on December 19, 2020 for last session. I will share some final thoughts, celebrate your wins for the week, and announce the prize winners.
    The agenda will consist of sharing Stories, Content and Tools that meet you where you are right now to get you where you desire to be.
    The best experience for the best results is to show up. Show up live if possible but if you miss a session, the replay will be posted in the Ignite Your Inner Olympian Movement, the community FaceBook Group. Remember to join the group and Danielle Scott’s Facebook page
    Be comfortable! You may want to dress more professionally, it is totally up to you!
    Come with a positive attitude, pumped up, ready to be present and engage. Clear your schedule of any appointments so you can be fully present to receive the information I’ll be sharing. Turn off your phone, Skype, and any other technological distractions, just as you would at a live in-person event. This is all about adding value to your life you envision it starts from within.
    Time is money, We only ask that you invest your time in you by showing up. We will invite you to stay connected by liking Danielle Scott’s Facebook page and joining the Facebook group


      By checking this box I agree to receive email & txt msg marketing material. Opt-out anytime. Msg & data rates may apply.